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Cassandra Duchenaud

Channel for Healing Winds of Light
Psychoenergetic Therapist
Spiritual Coach
What I do

What I do

In 2006, I discovered with great joy and surprise that I could help people by channelling powerful healing energies.
I have been practicing and learning passionately ever since, in order to let them express themselves through me in the best possible way.


As a psychoenergetic healer, together with the healing energies I channel, I work to harmonise your emotions and get rid of energy blocks and old programs that are still active, keeping you disconnected from your Luminous Self.

Healing Winds of Light is the name I give to the wonderful forces of Light, Love and Healing that I feel streaming through me towards my clients whenever I give a treatment.

When I connect to a specific frequency, I can allow them to work through me, while at the same time remaining perfectly conscious of everything happening and usually feeling the parts or issues they are working on in my own body.

These energies are full of compassion and unconditional love for human beings and deeply willing to support us with the numerous challenges we all meet on our earthly journey.

Who I am

Who I am

I am half French, half Irish and have been traveling around the world, partly following my husband’s professional life, partly seeking my own truths.

Human beings have always been at the centre of my preoccupations, as has the desire to find ways to make their lives happier. I am a resolute optimist and think that Life is actually generous as it always gives us exactly what we need in order to grow. I believe that disease and crises of all sorts are in fact wonderful gateways and rerouting opportunities to help us find our very own path, the only one that is right for us, however hard the road has been.

My qualifications:

Mediumship (2 years) with Rometris Davis Wright

Alchemical Hypnotherapy (1 year) with David Quigley

Formation Du Corps à la Conscience (3 years) with Nathalie Jolicoeur

Formation SAIME (1 year) with Dolores Lamarre

In January 2006, I moved to Montreal with my family and was extremely lucky to study energy medicine there with two fantastic teachers: Nathalie Jolicoeur, with whom I spent over three years exploring the surprising depths of the energetic world, and one year with Dolores Lamarre, after which I graduated from her school that teaches a form of ancient Egyptian etheric surgery. These two women took me on an incredible journey where I found true nourishment for my soul and powerful healing tools!

I moved to Oslo, Norway in July 2009 and started working at the Unity Centre, Scandinavian's largest centre for alternative medicine 2 months later in September.

I continue my own path towards self-realization and am always delighted to learn new tools and skills. My curiosity has taken me to study, among others, EFT, Native American Drum Washing, Total Biology, NonViolentCommunication according to Marshall Rosenberg, Family Constellations, Alchemical Hypnotherapy with David Quigley, Mediumship with Wenche Tømmervik and Rometris Davis Wright, Womb Attunements and Blessings with Miranda Gray…



  • Psycho-energetic Healing Therapy: 60 min. - 900 NOK / 90 min. – 1300 NOK / 120 minutes - 1600 NOK

This is an interactive process, in which I allow my guides, yours and other helpers to work directly through me, to balance your energies and emotions. Change is never forced, shifts happen when you feel ready. I work to reignite your own healing forces, allowing you to remember them and what you want for yourself.
My guides support the space with their divine love and light.
As with all therapies, healing takes time and requires your active participation and dedication.

  • Relationship Therapy (for couples, families, partners...): 90 minutes - 1300 NOK / 120 minutes - 1600 NOK

It is more often than not misunderstandings and projections that lead to drama within a relationship. Once each part is given the possibility to express themselves freely, it is easier to see and feel the actual strength of the bond, and start building up a healthier relationship in which that bond is honoured.

  • Healing Program for Pregnant Women: 60 minutes  900 NOK / 90 minutes 1300 NOK

I use different tools, including light hypnotherapy and energy medicine to help you to deepen your connection to your child, while at the same time helping you to connect further to yourself and your needs. Together we create a safe and soft space for you to go through this special moment in your life with the greatest possible awareness.

  • Grounding Massage: 60 minutes – 800 NOK / 90 minutes - 1200 NOK

This very gentle technique (with clothes on) is conceived to reconnect you to your body. It can be very helpful to get more grounding and relax in a safe space.

  • Distance Healing 60 minutes: 850 NOK / 90 minutes – 1250 NOK

Possible either on Skype/FaceTime or without direct contact (I send you my report when I’m finished).
Emotional and energetical issues are addressed and released.
This technique offers cleansing and reconnection.

  • Channeling with Cassandra: 270 NOK (200 NOK for FB participation)

Channeled Guided Meditation at my clinic (Akersgata 67) or via FB live video.  See more info under "Regular Events".

All prices include follow up communication (via email, SMS or chat).

Sessions are payable by Paypal (, by card via IZettle, by Vipps (124189 - "Kjøp og betal")or by transfer to my professional account (12540558009 - Cultura Bank)


Regular Events

Channeled Guided Meditation once a month in Oslo and/or via FB live video

Channeling with Cassandra 18.00-19.30/270 NOK (200 NOK for participation on FB)

Next dates are: Monday 17th of February 

The aim of this group is to provide a regular vibrational and inspirational boost, so that you can stay connected to your Higher Self and feel more relaxed and serene, able to tackle challenges more and more from a space of inner peace. It is comparable to a guided meditation, only, in this case, I serve as the channel.


Each channeling provides deep messages of love, self-love, hope, empowerment and healing, meeting you where you are.


Participants often feel that the guides who express themselves through me are speaking directly to them, because they are! They address our doubts and questionings, giving us insights and perspective.


Investment: 270 NOK per session. If you are participating on FB, the price is 200 NOK (for prices in your currency, please send me a pm) you are welcome to pay by PayPal (, to my Vipps account (number 124189 - "Kjøp og betal") or to my professional account number (12540558009). Make sure to specify what dates you are paying for and send me a message, so that I can add you to the closed FB group that is created for each event.


You can either join us at 18.00, Oslo time, or watch the video anytime later at your convenience. You might even feel the energy starting to work as soon as you are included in the space, and beyond.

If you have friends who would love to join but are not on FB, I upload each channeling to a private YouTube video and am happy to send it later in the evening.

If you are wondering if this is for you, I will be happy to send you the recording of a former session so that you can see what it is all about 🙏.

I have been channeling healing energies consciously for the last 12 years. I call my spirit guides “Healing Winds of Light” because when I connect to them, that is exactly what they feel like, warm, luminous and unconditionally loving waves of moving energy!

Much Love to all

I strongly believe that this program can help you to obtain and maintain a higher, healthier vibration, meeting one layer of illusion after the other, enabling you to reconnect with your vibrant and luminous Self.

I give healing workshops regularly, please check this space as well as my Facebook page.

You can also subscribe to my email list so you are always up to date.



French (father tongue)

English (mother tongue)





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